Emily M.I first met Dr. Martin about a year before my surgery when my best friend went to him for her breast augmentation. Her results were great, and not only was Dr. Martin very friendly, I could see that he was a doctor who really cared about his patients.
When I finally decided to schedule my surgery, everything went smoothly. Lori, Tessi and Dr. Martin were a great help with getting me ready for the big day. The entire process from beginning to end was wonderful and everyone made sure that all of my questions were answered. The morning of the surgery, the staff worked to make sure I was both comfortable before we began and prepared for the recovery aftwards.
Since my procedure, Dr. Martin has become a very good friend and has also shown me a great deal of support in my modeling career. I cannot thank him and the rest of the team at Estetica enough for such a great experience! I highly recommend Estetica for all of your cosmetic surgery needs! I promise you will not be disappointed.
– Emily M.