Bridgette C.Breast implants was something I’ve always wanted since I was 18 years old. It was obvious when I was 20 they were not going to magically grow. Without much research and at 20 years of age I was very impatient and made my decision too quickly. It ended up being a nightmare going with a Doctor located in North Phoenix. Long story short I ended up hating my results, my confidence was shattered and I began to seek a new Doctor for help.
This time around after conducting lots of research and exploring several referrals, I was guided into the direction of Dr. Martin’s office. Once I completed the consultation with Dr. Martin I knew that I would be in great hands and that this was the person I wanted to perform my surgery.
His staff was extremely kind, welcoming, and Dr. Martin was very professional, straight forward, and just everything you expect your Doctor to be. He saw that the previous Doctor was a bit careless and he was confident in his abilities to fix the problem and give me the results I was looking for.
Even the procedure they have getting you into the surgery room is relaxing and you can feel the good energy that you are being taken care of.
I am very pleased and thrilled with my results, so pleased that I had Dr. Martin perform a second surgery to go bigger with my implants.
I definitely recommend Dr. Martin for any cosmetic needs. He is a very knowledgeable person and an excellent surgeon. Everything about the office and the staff at Estetica makes this the best place for cosmetic surgery in Arizona!
Bridgette C.