Endoscopic Forehead & Midface Lift

Forehead Lift in Scottsdale

Transform the look of your face with a mid facelift in Scottsdale. Dr. Martin will surgically remove the signs of aging that may make you appear tired, sad, or older than you actually are. Say goodbye to droopy eyes, furrowed brows, or deep wrinkles on your forehead. Say hello to an entirely new look without any visible scars. Dr. Martin is the expert in Scottsdale forehead lift procedures. You’ll feel relaxed and confident under his care and in his experienced hands. We encourage patients to ask any questions they may have about the procedure. Let us help enhance your natural beauty and erase signs of aging, stress, or trauma.

Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Paradise Valley Mid Facelift Specialists

Get rid of excess skin and wrinkles with a forehead lift in Paradise Valley. Drooping skin on your forehead or in the middle of your face can make you look years older than you actually are. By removing the excess skin, you’ll look younger, more refreshed, and happier. Dr. Martin will make very small incisions above your hair line so you won’t have visible scarring. The procedure can smooth your forehead, remove wrinkles, and minimize frown lines. We can completely transform the look of your face and restore the mid-face architecture that has been covered up with excess skin and wrinkles. Let us help you look younger with a Gilbert eyebrow lift.

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