Patient Testimonials

Patients that have had cosmetic surgery with Dr. Corwin Martin have expressed  their satisfaction with their results and experience at Estetica Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Each patients needs are unique, Breast Augmentations or Lifts with silicone or saline implants, Tumescent Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Facelifts, Browlifts, Laser Resurfacing (Active FX), or eyelid surgery.  They share how their indivual desires and life changes were achieved through the care and knowledge of Dr. Martin.

Tara D.

Tara D.

I have known of Dr. Martin for years and many of my friends have benefited from his services, but I have been hesitant to take that step. Dr. Martin was everything my friends said he would be-personable, friendly, informative, and most of all knowledgeable…

Carrie V.

Carrie V.

Dr Martin is a wonderful and caring doctor. He is an amazing surgeon and has a keen eye for perfection.

Teresa P.

Teresa P.

After having a bad experience with my previous surgery I was apprehensive about under-going a corrective procedure. This prompted me to research and personally interview a handful of surgeons. It was my good fortune that Dr. Martin was on that list.

Bridgette C.

Brigitte C.

Dr. Martin’s staff was extremely kind, welcoming, and Dr. Martin himself was very professional, straight forward, and just everything you expect your Doctor to be.


Jacqueline S.

During my initial consultation, Dr Martin actually took the time and answered all of my questions about my procedure. I left feeling secure and educated about my decision.

Jill B.

Jill B.

I look and feel more youthful, rested and confident. I am ever so grateful for the great job Dr Martin and his staff did.


Doris W.

Your entire staff provides friendly outstanding care. To say I am thrilled with my results would be an under statement

Priscilla G.

Priscilla G.

For many years, I researched the surgery that I wanted to have to feel more comfortable in my clothes. When I met Dr. Martin 11 years ago, I just knew he was the one to do it.


Brittney L.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Martin and his professional staff. Dr. Martin was kind, compassionate and the only surgeon I will ever have any procedures done with in the future.

Heather M.

Heather M.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Martin and his staff for almost 5 years now. It is without a doubt the most comfortable and professional environment I have ever been in.


Mike D.

I am extremely satisfied with my results and would definitely recommend Dr. Martin to anyone considering cosmetic surgery!

Am O.

Amy O.

Being a nurse that cares for surgical patients, he made my first surgical experience as a patient a smooth and successful one and I would recommend Dr. Martin and his staff to anyone for the highest quality of care.


Dee B.

Dr. Martin is very focused on providing his patients with the optimal surgical outcome. He is a very caring and compassionate person, who also happens to be an Excellent Surgeon

Ally S.

Ally S.

Dr. Martin makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and he is always honest! There is no other place I would rather go than to Estetica!


Julie S.

I am so excited about the results of my surgery. It has literally changed my life and given me great self-confidence…

Emily M.

Emily M.

Since my procedure, Dr. Martin has become a very good friend and has also shown me a great deal of support in my modeling career. I cannot thank him and the rest of the team at Estetica enough for such a great experience! I highly recommend Estetica for all of your cosmetic surgery needs!


Debbie R.

I am thrilled with the results of my surgery! was very impressed with Dr. Martin’s follow-up calls after my surgery regarding how I was healing and if I had any questions.


Kim D.

I feel comfortable with Dr Martin. He is kind, open minded and always honest. I think when getting a life changing procedure, honesty from your professional surgeon is extremely important.


April H.

Cosmetic surgery is an art form, and Dr. Martin is a very skilled artist. His bedside manner is wonderful!


Nicole R.

When I had my consultation with Dr. Martin, I felt comfortable right off the bat. Not only did his office have a very relaxed & classy feel (kind of like a Roman Spa), but his staff was extremely warm and friendly.


Allison C.

I feel Dr. Martin provided me with excellent care regarding my cosmetic surgical procedure. I am so pleased with my results. I would recommend Dr. Martin to anyone I know…

Pamela S

Pamela S.

I remember being scared & unsure of the decisions I had to make for the upcoming changes. On the day of my consultation, Dr. Martin and his staff were extremely helpful and patient with all of the questions and concerns my husband & I had


Pam C.

I was so skeptical about cosmetic surgery. Terrified of the “what if’s”. Then I met Dr. Martin – who was very comforting in answering all my questions without being pushy for “the sale”…



Dr. Martin made me feel so comfortable and I really felt like he was celebrating this big decision with me and that he genuinely understood what it meant to me personally.


Kath M.

I still can hardly believe the magic Dr. Martin performed on me.  He completely transformed me!  At the age of 51 years old I can finally look in the mirror and feel beautiful and sexy for the first time in my life!


Allison S.

Words can not explain how happy I am with everything Dr. Martin has done for me. Dr. Martin cares about his patients and it shows in his work…

Maggie H.

Maggie H.

Dr. Martin is happy to make suggestions and guide me in becoming the best version of myself. I appreciate his honesty and enthusiasm which is why I will continue using all of his services.


Aubree M.

Dr. Martin is an artist. He is an extremely skilled surgeon with a keen eye for perfection. I was was stunned by not only how gorgeous the office was, but also the friendly and professional staff.

Katy M.

Katy M.

From my very first visit to Estetica, Dr. Martin and his staff have always made me feel welcome and like family. They didn’t treat me like I was just another patient. The office has a very cozy and warm feeling from the moment you step in the door.